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Invest in a Rebozo. A tip from Doula Aisha Hendricks

Rebozo for Labor

A traditional Mexican hand made shawl that has soooo many uses and has lended its roots and wisdom in pregnancy, birth, and motherhood to modern day.⠀

✨⠀During pregnancy, it can be wrapped around the belly to act as a pregnancy support belt to alleviate weight, pressure, and strain to the mother. ⠀

It can also be used with traditional techniques to help stretch, loosen and relax muscle and ligaments to help balance the mother's body maximizing space and positioning for baby as well as relaxing and soothing muscle and ligament cramping/strains.⠀

✨⠀During labor, these same exercises done with the rebozo during pregnancy can be done during labor again to help balance the body and loosen ligaments and muscles to best aid in the baby getting into optimal positioning as well as helping soothe some of the discomforts of labor for mom.⠀

✨⠀When baby finally arrives the rebozo can be tied into the “rebozo knot” to turn it into a baby sling/carrier! It can also be used just for fashion as a shawl, scarf or even a blanket!⠀

✨⠀Seriously, you will not regret owning one of these!⠀


Doula, Aisha Hendricks

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