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How To Wash Your Rebozo?

The rebozo is a magical fabric that has been a faithful companion for women in an amazing journey called motherhood.  For centuries, this beautiful garment has offered support and comfort for mothers and it has also held softly and lovingly a precious treasure, our babies. 

Each time we use it something magical happens... we receive the energy and love of every woman who has ever worn one.  Can you imagine all that power helping us? 

After knowing all the rebozo has been giving us for hundreds of years, you will surely want to treat it with the love and respect it deserves. Keep it’s gorgeous looks and... why not? Pamper it.

How to pamper your rebozo

Wash it:  

        - We recommend using a laundry bag

        - No bleaching

        - Delicate Wash Cycle or Hand Wash 

        - Use Mild Soap 

        - 104 Fahrenheit Degrees (Cool or Warm Cycle)                                                                             

        - Tie the fringes together to avoid tangling

        - No tumble dry.  Fluff Air (No heat)

        - Dry in Shade       

NOTE: Your rebozo may change color if you wash it with hot water or might shrink if you tumble dry as it is made of cotton. 

Give your Rebozo a lot of love and positive energy!

Find a good excuse and use it every time you can.

Now, your Rebozo is ready to spread love, compassion, strength, unity, comfort, support and all the things you may need. 

Denisse Fax
Co-founder of Lola My Love + Emma's & Lola's Mom  
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