How to Style a Rebozo for Modern Wear

How to Style a Rebozo for Modern Wear

The rebozo is a traditional Mexican garment that has been worn by women for centuries. It is a long cloth, typically made from wool, cotton, or silk, that is draped over the shoulders or head.

The rebozo is often brightly colored and decorated with intricate patterns. Traditionally, it was used as a baby carrier or to carry heavy loads. However, in recent years it has become more of a fashion statement, with many women using it as a scarf or wrap.

There are many different ways to style a rebozo for modern wear.


How to Wear a Rebozo as a Scarf

Wearing a rebozo as a scarf is one of the most popular ways to style this traditional garment for modern wear. To wear your rebozo as a scarf, simply drape it over your shoulders so that the ends hang down in front of your body. You can let the ends hang loose or tie them together in front for added interest. This look is perfect for cooler weather and can add a pop of color to any outfit.

How to Wear a Rebozo as a Sarong-Style Skirt

If you’d like to wear your rebozo as a skirt, there are several different ways to do so. One way is simply to wrap the fabric around your waist and tie it in place with a knot or bow at one side. You can also tuck one end of the fabric into the waistband of your pants or skirt before wrapping and tying the other end around your waist. This will create more of a sarong-style look that can be very stylish and flattering.

How to Wear a Rebozo like a Pareo

Another option is to wear your rebozo like a pareo, which is basically just a large sarong that can be worn in lots of different ways. To wear your reboizo like this, hold one end in each hand and tie them together behind your neck. Then let the fabric drape down over your body however you’d like! There are endless possibilities when it comes to wearing a pareo, so get creative!

How to Wear a Rebozo as Shawl or Wrap

Finally, you can also wear your rebozo as shawl or wrap. This is ideal for chilly evening walks or when you need an extra layer of warmth indoors. Simply drape the fabric over your shoulders and let it fall down your back. You can also hold it in place with your arms if you need added coverage against the cold.

How to Wear a Rebozo as a Sarong

Another popular way to wear a rebozo is as a sarong-style skirt. To do this, simply take the fabric and wrap it around your waist so that it covers your clothes completely. Then tie it off on one side with either a knot or bow. You can also tuck one end into the waistband of your skirt or pants if you want it to stay in place better. This is a great look for summertime because it’s easy and breezy!


The rebozo is a versatile and stylish garment that can be worn in many different ways. Whether you choose to wear it as scarf, sarong-style skirt, or shawl or wrap, you are sure to make fashion statement!

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