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Large Aluminum Sling Ring- Bright Green

Large Aluminum Sling Ring- Bright Green

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The perfect complement for your rebozo. Give more life to your rebozo and transform it to a ring sling and wear your baby for another 9 months or... maybe more :) 

Large Size Ring Measure: Inner diameter (ID) 3" (7.6 cm), Outer diameter (OD) 3.5" (8.89cm) and 0.25"(.64 cm) thick.

Large size ring slings made from aluminum, lightweight, colorful and free of welds perfect for our rebozo's fabric. Strength tested, smoothed, and made of only the strongest materials.

Made with the highest quality. To ensure this quality they have been submitted to a rigorous testing. 

  • Impact Testing
  • Pull Testing
  • Soaking in bleach and then a full washer/dryer cycle
  • Freezing followed by additional impact testing
  • Heating followed by additional pull testing
  • Pull test each individual ring to 250 pounds
  • 1 ring per batch pulled to destruction
  • Periodic rings are sent for testing in an independent laboratory to verify crush and deformation testing
  • Rings are also sent to testing agencies here and in other countries to verify heavy metal and toxin free

The rings and the manufacturing process are RoHS compliant and lead and nickel free. Made in the USA.

Is it safe for my baby to chew on the rings?

We are careful to smooth out the rings and use non-toxic materials, as we know that babies find our rings irresistible.

How do I wash my rings?

It is fine to wash slings made with our rings in a regular washer. They can also be dried in the drier. You should check your sling and rings carefully after they are washed and dried and before you wear them again.

Will the color come off my rings?

No. The color is anodized onto the aluminum rings -- it becomes part of the metal, and will not lose its color with time. Deep scratches in the rings will show the color of the unanodized aluminum underneath. 


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